Saturday, September 23, 2017

BESTInfra conference in Prague, 21-22 September 2017

Adam participated in BESTInfra conference in Prague. It was nicely organized conference with approx. 150 particpants from 22 countries! Open-access proceedings are available HERE (IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering). Enjoy!

BESTInfra 2017 conference in Prague, 21-22 September 2017

FEHRL meeting in London hosted by TRL

Ewa and Adam participated in FEHRL meeting in London (UK). Meeting was hosted by one of FEHRL members, TRL. One of the attractions was GATEway vehicle - read more about this project HERE. It was fun!
GATEway automated vehicle

Saturday, September 2, 2017

XXIX International Baltic Road Conference

Ewa and Adam participated in XXIX International Baltic Road Conference in Tallinn, Estonia. Adam was an invited speaker and he delivered a presentation on "Chemistry based methods for assessment of asphalt binder quality". They also presented a paper on "Implementation of pavement asset management with climate change aspect".

Adam, Ewa, Migle Paliukaite, and kids