Friday, July 7, 2017

International Transport Forum, OECD

Adam took part in 2-day kick-off meeting of the International Transport Forum’s (ITF’s) working group on Policies to extend the life of road assets. Meeting location was at the OECD headquarter in Paris, France. Working group chair is Loes Aarts (Senior Adviser at Rijkswaterstaat, Netherlands) and there are 23 other members from all over the world. 

More on ITF at the OECD.

Adam at OECD in Paris

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

BCRRA Conference in Athens, Greece

Adam and Ewa participated in the 10th International Conference on Bearing Capacity of Roads, Railways and Airfields organized in Athens on June 28-30 ( . We had a poster presentation on "Investigation of tire-pavement noise using On-Board Sound Intensity (OBSI) system". Adam also had a presentation on "Assessment of Pavement Structures at Traffic Speed" and he also chaired a Special Technical Session on TSD on June 30.

Final Review meeting of USE-iT

Ewa participated in the Final Review Meeting of the H2020 Project USE-iT with the EC and INEA in Brussels on 23 of June. Ewa is managing WP2: User Information on behalf of IBDiM. It was a great project and we got to work in a great team of AIT, TRL, FEHRL and Maple Consulting on this project. Congratulations to all WP Leaders on successful presentations!