Monday, March 2, 2020

International Workshop Colombia 2020 RMPD

Adam participated in the International Workshop Colombia 2020 organized by Universidad de los Andes in Cartagena. It was also a chance for a meeting of the Editorial Board for the prestigious Road Materials and Pavement Design (LINK), world-class international journal. Adam is serving as Associate Editor since 2019 among other 14 experts from all over the world. During the workshop Adam gave two presentations related to SIEC11.5t project.

Adam, William G. Buttlar (USA), Luis Guillermo Loria (Costa Rica),
Gabriele Tebaldi (Italy), Silvia Caro (Colombia), Bernhard Hofko
(Austria), Jo Sias (USA), Jorge B. Sousa (Portugal),
Hervé Di Benedetto (France), Manfred N. Partl (Switzerland)

It's Colombia not Columbia